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Yocan Hit Vaporizer

Yocan Hit Vaporizer

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• Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen • Yocan 1400mAh Battery • Adjustable Temperature (200-480°F) • Ceramic Convection Oven/Heating Chamber • OLED Screen & Haptic Feedback • Height: 4.5" • Weight: 2.6 oz Includes: • Cleaning Brush • Micro USB Charger

Yocan has rolled out an exceptional dry herb vape pen that rivals expensive models at a modest price. Unlike more classic vaporizers that heat wax or cannabis oil into vapor, pens like the HIT vaporize dry herb. The vaporizing process differs from smoking, as any form of smoking involves the combustion and burning of the herb. Vaporization heats herb to a high enough temperature to release the cannabinoids and terpenes into vapor without combustion, by evenly heating the herb. Dry herb vaping is, hands-down, the most portable and discreet method for enjoying cannabis on the go.

To use the Yocan HIT Vape Pen, remove the mouthpiece to reveal the convection oven/heating chamber. Pack in finely/medium-ground herb semi-firmly before replacing the strongly-magnetized mouthpiece. The lid portion even includes a sturdy built-in poker tool, adding to the convenience of packing and removing herb from the oven. The up and down buttons make it easy to adjust to your preferred temperature, and even better, the OLED screen above the power button clearly displays temperature and battery level... It really can't be any simpler! Featuring haptic feedback, the HIT will vibrate once it reaches the specified temperature, with an approximate 30-second heat up time. Included in this kit is a micro USB charger and cleaning brush. With the HIT, you can enjoy your favorite cannabis strains, while savoring the unique flavor and aroma that is brought out by the vaporization process. Both compact and powerful, the HIT is a truly innovative device in the world of vapes.

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