Smoking Pipes

We have a wide selection of smoking pipes for sale on our online store: metallic pipes in Kenya, wooden pipes in Kenya, glass pipes in Nairobi, Bubblers, Sherlocks all in stock.

wooden smoking pipes for tobacco smoking sale online

We offer you a wide selection of smoking pipes to choose from; depending on size and type, just take your time, and find your desired piece. Metallic and glass pipes are our areas of excellence, thus readily and always available.

At Fancy Puffs we’ve got steel, brass, anodized aluminum and nickel plated brass pipes; and because metal conducts heat, our pipes have plastic and other non conductive grips on the outside hence ease of use. Metal pipes are inexpensive and indestructible. Fancy Puffs spoils its customers with a huge variety of style of glass hand pipes. We have spoon pipes, bubblers, sherlocks and chillums.

Spoons are the quintessential hand pipe, and they feature the bowl, a carb and a neck to direct the smoke to the user. Bubblers are basically little handheld water pipes, in the sense that they have a water chamber similar to that of water bongs, so the smoke comes through the water and is cooled and cleaned. A sherlock is an anciently inspired design hand pipe known for its curved mouthpiece and chamber. A chillum is a simple hand pipe popular for their portability and ease of use, chillums are a better option for the beginners or for those who value convenience. Smoking a chillum is always better than smoking a cigarette.

Glass pipes for sale in our online smoke shop are very durable. Our products are made of hard borosilicate glass Pyrex, which is heat resistant and 100% health safe material.