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Why Shop at Fancy Puffs

Choose your No.1 Online Smoke Shop In East Africa


A big factor when making any purchase is the selection of products to choose from.  As an online smoke shop, we focus on offering a large array of products so that every consumer can find the item perfectly fit for their needs.  Store front smoke shops typically have a smaller selection leaving the customer with a rather “one dimensional” set of options.

It isn't just the diversity of the types of products we stock, but the quality brands we carry that set us apart from the typical brick and mortar shop.


How do we get you the lowest prices?

Online pricing is always extremely competitive and usually cheaper than in-store prices for numerous reasons.  

online stores:

  • Do not need to pay the fees to open a physical location (Rent, Utilities, etc.)
  • Do not need to staff more employees for in-store locations

Fancy Puffs focuses on delivering quality products at cheap prices to all customers.  We are able to provide great prices by developing strong relationships with the distributors and people around us!  

If you ever find a competitor pricing a product that we sell for lower than us, let us know! We actively price match.


There’s nothing worse than making a purchase online and having to wait an eternity for it to show up. However, we do our best to minimize the wait time between the moment you click that purchase button, to the moment a package arrives at your doorstep.Our average processing time 12 hours and our  shipping speed is 1 business day.

At Fancy Puffs we:

  • Focus on packing and shipping out all orders within a day of placement to ensure a quick and easily delivery (Average24 hours until arrival)
  • Package all of our orders carefully to minimize the risk of broken products
  • Discreet shipping 

Customer Service

The problem we've all experienced with retail stores is lack of quality staff. If you've ever been in a smoke shop and asked questions about something, only for the staff member to not understand you, then you know what we're talking about. 

Customer service is one of the most useful and helpful parts of being a consumer.  You can ask any question you would like to help finalize your decision on the perfect product for you. Whether you need help choosing what type of glass is right for you, or what would be a good gift option for a friend, we are here to service you needs. Our customer service team is devised of knowledgeable employees who are ready to assist you in any way possible. 

We are happy to help those with any level of experience, from beginners to seasoned smokers.


There is nothing easier than shopping online.  Going into physical store locations to shop for smoking accessories can be a long and strenuous process due to travel time, store hour restrictions and other possible interruptions.

Shopping online allows the customer to:
  • Shop any time you want
  • Shop from wherever you want
  • Enjoy delivery to your doorstep
  • Edit your order & more!

Quality Control

Product quality is always a huge factor when making a purchase.  At Fancy Puffs, we have a very high standard for quality. Every item goes through a rigorous process to check for any defects so the customer receives the best quality products. Wouldn't you hate to wait anxiously for your shipment, and when it arrives, have a defected item?
When you shop with us, there is no need to worry!
Quality Control - Step 1
Quality Control - Step 2
Quality Control - Step 3
Quality Control - Step 4
Quality Control - Step 5
Quality Control - Step 6
Quality Control - Step 7
Quality Control - Step 8
We've delisted plenty of products before, and stopped working with vendors that don't uphold our standard of quality. We think this is so important that it's in our mission statement: Good Business comes from good people working with good people. We won't ever sell you a product that we ourselves would feel uncomfortable using - every product we decide to carry is weighed as important decision with the customer (you!) in mind.