How To Clean Your Bong Or Pipe

How To Clean Your Bong Or Pipe

In order to properly clean your bong you’ll need the following things:

  • Salt or Rice – something mildly abrasive to help the cleaning process
  • Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl)  to clean the resin off the glass of your bong
  • Small pieces of fabric and cotton wool to plug your stem and cover the tube of your bong
  • Rubber bands to secure everything in place while you’re shaking
  • Pipe cleaners and other things you can think of for getting into the stem and other difficult places
  • Some gloves maybe because rubbing alcohol isn’t the friendliest thing, and old bong resin is gross.

Once you have all these things together, you’re ready to start cleaning your bong.

2. Take it apart and rinse it with water

The first step is to take apart all the parts of your bong or pipe and rinse it with water. Don’t be lazy. Take it all apart and give it a really good rinse with hot water.

3. Add your alcohol and salts or rice

Now it’s time to add your alcohol and salts / rice to the bong. Add the salts / rice first, and use enough so that it doesn’t dissolve in the alcohol. If you let it dissolve, it won’t create enough abrasion for scrubbing. After you’ve put the alcohol in, cover the stem and the tube with pieces of cotton or fabric and secure them.

4. Shake and repeat

Then shake violently. When your arms are sore from shaking, shake some more. Shake for at least five minutes! Use your hands, fingers and thumbs to block up the holes to prevent the salt / rice and alcohol going everywhere.

The same goes if you are cleaning a pipe, and you can take apart the bowl. Cover all of the holes in the bowl with your hand and repeat the same process.

If your bong or pipe is really dirty, you might need to do this more than once. Then put it in the toilet. Flush it away. Say goodbye to that stinky funky stuff in your bong.

5. Pay attention to detail

There are some parts of your bong that won’t get cleaned properly in this process, such as the stem. You can put some pipe cleaners in rubbing alcohol and use that to clean those stubborn places.

Then just rinse one more time with hot water – it helps to get the smell of alcohol out of your bong. Leave it to dry. And enjoy that very first smoke you get out of your glistening, clean bong.

Do you have any good tips to clean you bong or pipe?



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