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E- hookah Pens, E- Cigarettes in Kenya, E- Juice in Nairobi and Accessories.

There is nothing in the world quite like smoking the e-hookah. The smooth, bold flavors and aromas are adored all round the world.E- hookahs, sometimes referred to as vape pens or shisha pens are the contemporary hookahs as they are portable and could be used almost everywhere.

There are more advanced hookah pens and hence look no further than our vast collection of e- hookahs. We have disposable e- cigs, refillable e- cigs, vape starter kits, e- pipes and vape mods.

You can step up your e- cig game with top class quality e- liquid and e- juice flavors. Whether you are a first time vapor or a seasoned pro vapor, Fancy Puffs has the flavors that will take your e- cig   experience from enjoyable to mind blowing.

Hookah accessories let you customize your hookah with personal and elegant accessories, making it stand out from the common or simply replace a missing hookah piece. We have all the e- hookah clearomizers, e- hookah batteries, e- hookah atomizers and hookah friendly accessories you’re looking for.