Grinders, Ashtrays, Rolling Paper, Lighters and all other smoking accessories in Kenya.

The Fancy Puffs team welcomes all kinds of smokers to the smoking accessories section. We have one of the most distinguished collections of smoking ashtrays. If you’re just looking for a simple and classy ashtray, then wander no more! We have the coolest glass ashtrays on sale. Grinders assist in crushing your smoking material as it presents a clean and easy way to prepare it without getting messy. We offer wooden grinders with metal teeth, acrylic grinders, metallic and aluminum grinders which are heavier and durable. A grinder is an excellent smoking investment. We offer you two, three and four piece grinders with magnetic leads, pollen screens and storage chambers.

At Fancy Puffs we’ll hook you up with a wide selection of rolling papers to enhance your smoke with a splash of delicious flavor while also giving you a subtle but sweet taste on the lips. Ranging from regular to king sizes, we have a large pool of quality brands to select your preferred flavors from. Rollers and rolling machines are also available at Fancy Puffs, to aid in the rolling process. Down at Fancy Puffs we offer solutions to all the smoking related mishaps one may encounter. Cigarette lighters with original and unique designs and favorite motives are a perfect smoking accessory.